What Is It

Sex addiction is like any other addiction in that its associated behaviors are compulsive, escalate overtime, and will ultimately impact other areas of an individual’s life. All forms of addiction are marked by powerlessness over the addiction, loss of control, and unmanageability. For sex addicts, sexually-related compulsive behaviors hinder their ability to live normally.

There is hope in treatment and recovery is certainly possible.

There is not one behavioral pattern that defines sexual addiction; therefore, addicts may engage in any of the following behaviors:

– Compulsive masturbation
– Compulsive use of pornography
– Compulsive relationships (affairs)
– Compulsive engagement with sex workers i.e. massage parlors, escorts, and strippers
– Exhibitionism
– Voyeurism
– Anonymous sexual encounters

Individuals who suffer with sexual addiction often present as typically functioning adults, but harbor deep secrets about their behavior, which become a source of great shame and suffering. Additionally, it has been found that approximately 80% of all male sex addicts report having experienced some form of childhood sexual abuse and that there is a strong link between trauma and the development of sex addiction. This addiction can relentlessly impinge on the addict’s family members, other loved ones, and work environment. Although sexual addiction can severely affect all aspects of a person’s life, there is hope in treatment and recovery is certainly possible. Full Heart Recovery provides a number of treatment options to assist addicts in establishing sobriety, beginning to heal, and leading fulfilling lives free of shame and secrecy.