Full Heart Recovery provides private and confidential outpatient, group and individual psychotherapy to individuals struggling with chemical (drugs) and alcohol addictions.

Our private outpatient setting is designed to support clients through the various stages of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. We are committed to helping both recovery “newcomers” and “old timers” stay on the clean and sober path or begin to explore emotional obstacles and achieve lifelong goals.

Our clinical staff can coordinate care with a client’s inpatient treatment center (rehab) to develop a customized aftercare plan for individuals returning home. We also offer individual therapy for recovering addicts/alcoholics who wish to engage in deeper recovery work and develop more insight and awareness about themselves.

Clients in early recovery work with their therapist will learn healthy coping skills, identify relapse triggers, and manage the emotional struggles of early recovery. We provide group therapy to help clients build a support system and learn how to navigate a new life without dependency on drugs and alcohol.

For clients who are in maintenance stages of recovery and wish to dig deeper into the psychological roots of their addictions, our addictions therapists provide individual therapy to help meet those goals.

All clients seeking services at Full Heart Recovery will participate in a full assessment and interview with a licensed therapist specializing in addictions. At the conclusion of the assessment, the therapist will make a preliminary diagnosis and begin to develop a treatment plan. Part of the assessment may include:
computerized assessments, questionnaires and psychometric testing. Due to the progressive nature of substance use disorders some clients may be referred to higher levels of care such as inpatient treatment or an inpatient detox centers depending on the severity of their addiction.

At Full Heart Recovery, we believe in result-based treatment. Moreover we acknowledge that certain treatment approaches may not be the most effective for all clients. Therefore, our clinical team is multidisciplinary and committed to utilizing the best practices in the treatment of addictions for each individual.

If you are seeking help with:

Cocaine Addiction

Heroine Addiction

Addiction to Prescription Pills

Crystal Methamphetamine Addiction

Addiction to hallucinogens (LSD, Molly, Mushrooms)


Sex & Drug Addiction