At Full Heart Recovery, we endeavor to help you overcome addiction through clinically tested and effective treatment modalities. One of the treatment approaches we use is Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), which is a form of psychotherapy that has been tested over time and been found effective for the treatment of a variety of disorders, including sexual addiction. CBT involves identifying and changing one’s negative or irrational thought patterns, which influence behavior, and are instrumental in the development of addiction. Therapists who utilize CBT to treat addictions help their clients identify their triggers for sexually destructive behaviors and learn new, positive thought patterns and behaviors.

Benefits of Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Provides a Support Network

There is a strong support network at Full Heart Recovery that will help you through the course of your recovery process. This is incredibly important for addicts and can be particularly helpful in preventing relapse.

Learn Positive Thought Patterns

Addicts often have thought patterns which influence and maintain feelings of helplessness. Therefore, learning how to challenge false cognitions and ideas can help individuals better cope rather than resorting to destructive coping means.

Regulate One’s Self-esteem

Low self-esteem is an underlying problem for many addicts. CBT therapists can help clients believe that they deserve to live a better life. One that is truly enriching, not the same dead end of compulsive sexual acting out.

Gradual Treatment Procedure

CBT is a gradual treatment, in that sessions can begin weekly and gradually be reduced as an individual’s condition improves. A gradual procedure can be helpful in preventing future relapse.