At Full Heart Recovery we offer professionally led, structured group therapy, which is a corner stone of effective addictions treatment. Our therapy groups are tiered and tailored to address and support the emotional, psychological and developmental needs of individuals throughout their various stages of recovery.

Evidence shows that group therapy is an essential component to addictions treatment because it provides a safe space for addicted individuals to seek support, reduce shame and learn practical recovery skills.

Because addictions flourish in secrecy, a major goal of group therapy at Full Heart Recovery is for all participants to develop a new level of accountability and begin to shed shameful secrets that help fuel their addictive behaviors

Our therapy groups are specifically structured to support the addicted individuals in phases of recovery. The “New Beginnings Group” is a 12-week group that meets weekly for 90 minutes. Participants learn about their addiction from a psycho-educational perspective, begin to identify “acting out” triggers and are taught practical relapse prevention skills. Many of our clients report that while participating in the “New Beginnings Group” they begin to develop a deeper level of empathy for their spouses and families by gaining insight into the trauma, pain and chaos their loved ones have experienced as a result of their addiction.

Upon completion of the “New Beginnings Group” the client and therapist discuss what level of group therapy is the most appropriate for their recovery. Clients often progress into our second phase of recovery psychotherapy group “Dialogues: Moving Towards Compassion” in which they continue to develop accountability around their recovery and learn how to communicate about their emotions openly within a supportive and therapeutic environment.

Group participants may stay in the “Dialogues: Moving Towards Compassion” group between 6 months and 2 years.

Our third phase recovery psychotherapy group “Inside Out” is designed to support our clients in their maintenance stages of recovery. This is a psychodynamic oriented group with goal of participants continuing to support each other as they address emotional obstacles that have been long-standing barriers to developing deeper intimacy and pursuit of their genuine desires.

For our clients who struggle with relapse and acting out behaviors we offer “Just Notice” our Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention group where they learn evidence-based skills to manage urges and cravings.